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Please read prior to registering or submitting requests online

Before submitting your request please be sure to check the "AF FOIA Library" to see if the documents you are requesting have already been published. 

Please Note:  You must use Internet Explorer to submit a FOIA request with this system. Account passwords expire every 60 days. You must log in every 30 days to keep your account active.

FOIA Requests - To submit a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request online to the Air Force, you will need to register with the system. But before you do this, take a minute to review the Air Force FOIA Handbook. The handbook tells you how to obtain information from the Air Force and the different ways to do so.

The Air Force only accepts payment by check.

Expedited processing only will be granted if you meet one of the following compelling needs:

-Failure to obtain the records on an expedited basis could reasonably be expected to pose an imminent threat to the life or physical safety of an individual.

-Information is urgently needed by an individual primarily engaged in disseminating information in order to inform the public concerning actual or alleged federal government activity.

-Another reason that merits expedited processing is an imminent loss of substantial due process rights.

You may request in writing to have fees waived if the disclosure of the requested information is in the public interest because it is likely to contribute significantly to public understanding of the operations and activities of the government and is not primarily in the commercial interest of the requester. The mere fact that you are a non-profit organization or a member of the media does not in and of itself qualify for a fee waiver. In addition, a requester's inability to pay is not a legal basis for granting you a fee waiver.  Air Force requires you to make the fee waiver request at the time you submit the request.

Privacy Requests - If you are seeking records on yourself, this is a Privacy Act request and you will need to provide proof of identity. At this time, all Privacy Act request must be submitted in writing/fax directly to the appropriate Requester Service Center.

Privacy Act requests must be submitted in writing to the Privacy Act Officer in accordance with instructions in the Privacy Act notice. Your request must include sufficient information to allow verification of your identity. The Privacy Act Officer may require you to submit a signed and notarized statement indicating that you are the individual to whom the records pertain, and that you understand it is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine up to $5,000 to knowingly and willfully seek or obtain records about another individual under false pretenses.  If you cannot determine the appropriate requester service center, you can mail your Privacy Act request to: Department of the Air Force Freedom of Information and Privacy Act Office. SAF/AAII, 1000 Air Force Pentagon, Washington DC 20330-1000.  Requests can also be faxed to (703) 693-5728; Privacy Act requests submitted by fax should be marked to the attention of the FOIA/Privacy Act Office.

Appeal Request - You may file an administrative appeal with the Air Force if records response to your appeal are withheld in full or partially denied or if your request for expedited processing or a fee waiver is denied.  Your appeal must be received within sixty (60) days from the date of your final response letter.  You may submit an appeal online or by writing to the FOIA Requester Service Center that provided you with the final decision.  Please be specific why you are submitting the appeal and provide any additional information if possible.

You are accessing a U.S. Government (USG) Information System (IS) that is provided for USG-authorized use only.  By using this IS (which includes any device attached to this IS), you consent to the following conditions:

-The USG routinely intercepts and monitors communications on this IS for purposes including, but not limited to, penetration testing, COMSEC monitoring, network operations and defense, personnel misconduct (PM), law enforcement (LE), and counterintelligence (CI) investigations.

- At any time, the USG may inspect and seize data stored on this IS.

- Communications using, or data stored on, this IS are not private, are subject to routine monitoring, interception, and search, and may be disclosed or used for any USG-authorized purpose.

- This IS includes security measures (e.g., authentication and access controls) to protect USG interests—not for your personal benefit or privacy.

- Notwithstanding the above, using this IS does not constitute consent to PM, LE or CI investigative searching or monitoring of the content of privileged communications, or work product, related to personal representation or services by attorneys, psychotherapists, or clergy, and their assistants. Such communications and work product are private and confidential. See User Agreement for details.

- AUTHORITY: 10 U.S.C. 8013, Secretary of the Air Force; 5 U.S.C. 552, Public Information; agency rules, opinions, orders, records, and proceedings; and DoD Regulation 5400.07, DoD Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Program; AFMAN 33-302

- PURPOSE(S): To process FOIA requests and to assist the Department of the Air Force in carrying out responsibilities under the FOIA.

- ROUTINE USE(S): In addition to those disclosures generally permitted under 5 U.S.C. 552a(b) of the Privacy Act of 1974, these records contained therein may specifically be disclosed outside the DoD as a routine use pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 552a(b)(3) as follows:

-- The DoD ‘Blanket Routine Uses’ published at the beginning of the Air Force’s compilation of systems of records notices apply to this system.

- DISCLOSURE: Voluntary. However, if adequate contact information is not provided, we may not be able to process your request or contact you regarding your request.

You are accessing a U.S. Government Information System. Use of this system constitutes consent to monitoring on your part.

Information stored on
this system is FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY and will be protected in accordance with DoD Regulation 5400.7, Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act of 1974 to include DoD Regulation 5400.11 and AFI 33-332.