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Welcome to the Air Force FOIA Public Access Link


The Public Access Link is strictly used for new and existing Freedom of Information Act Requests, whereas the Air Force owns the record. 

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Check FOIA Request Status

To check the status of your FOIA request click this link and enter your Request Number and Requester Last Name.

Air Force Reading Room

Before submitting your request please be sure to check the AF FOIA Library to see if the documents you are requesting have already been published. 
Looking for other types of records?

If you are looking for other types of records, please visit the links below.

  • Privacy Act Requests
    If you are seeking records about yourself that are contained in a file retrievable by the individual's name or personal identifier., follow this link for instructions.
  • Veteran Personnel Records
    To submit a request for Veteran Personnel Records, follow this link for instructions.

Information stored on this system is FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY and will be protected in accordance with DoD Regulation 5400.7, Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act of 1974 to include DoD Regulation 5400.11 and AFI 33-332. Federal Register :: Privacy Act of 1974; System of Records

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