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Need Help With Existing FOIA Request?
If you currently have an active Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request being processed by an Air Force Requester Service Center and are dissatisfied with the service, please contact the Department of the Air Force's FOIA Public Liaison at: or 703-614-8500.
Are You A FOIA Manager In Need of Assistance?
If you have any technical/system related issues or requests, please send an email to our Service Desk:
- Account Issues: creation, deactivation, unlocks, permissions, etc.
- System Issues: broken/missing links, download errors, etc.


Need Help With Privacy Matters?  

If you have any privacy related issues or questions, please contact the Privacy Office: or 703-614-8500.

Information stored on this system is FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY and will be protected in accordance with DoD Regulation 5400.7, Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act of 1974 to include DoD Regulation 5400.11 and AFI 33-332. Federal Register :: Privacy Act of 1974; System of Records

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